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Mending a Torn Society

America needs a new vision. Americans want a new vision.

Call to Renewal can be a catalyst that brings people together to create that new vision: a moral politics that combines spiritual renewal and social responsibility.

Call to Renewal convened in 1995 with two goals: to lift up a clear, alternative public voice to the Religious Right, and to offer a unique, more spiritual politics transcending the old categories of Left and Right, liberal and conservative.

Following the National Forum on Faith and Politics and the 1996 fall organizing tour, the first goal has been met. We have demonstrated that the Religious Right does not speak for all or most Christians and that there are alternatives.

We now turn our attention to the second goal. We can serve a new movement — bringing together evangelicals, the black churches, Catholics, mainline Protestants, and pentecostals to forge a much-needed spiritual vision of politics. Our objective is to help provide the moral agenda for that vision — working to reweave the torn fabric of society at local and national levels.

This begins with searching for common ground on some of today’s most divisive and controversial issues. In 1997, Call to Renewal will implement a four-point agenda that is unique in American politics. It will incorporate pro-poor and pro-racial justice views generally held by the Left and pro-family and pro-life views generally held by the Right, and includes:

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 1997
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