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Sojourners Magazine: March-April 1995

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Cover Story

Serpents, doves, and the Religious Right
God's unchanging call to heal and to care.
Catholic bishops evaluate welfare reform.
The lost meaning of "evangelical."
An Alternative to the Religious Right.
The Religious Right has hijacked American evangelicalism and made it an aberration in the global evangelical community.
The game we must refuse to play


Volunteer programs cultivate community, service, and simplicity.
Barrios Unidos' spiritual movement against gang violence.


How people responded to the December 30 murders of abortion clinic workers in Massachusetts depended in large part on the ideological position of the responder.
A friend and collaborator says that rural America is experiencing a "tremendous dying." I take it that also means that she expects an ensuing resurrection.
When is a fuselage not just a fuselage? To many World War II veterans, the Enola Gay-the B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima-is an icon of their deliverance.
When Newt Gingrich talks these days about his concern for the poor, I wonder if something new and good might happen-or something terrible.


It takes love to bake a cake. Cakes cannot be baked indifferently or in a hurry.
Well, it finally happened.
I am a welfare queen. There, I've said it.
There are many callings. Some people teach. Some people write. Some people sing operas, and some train dogs.
Recently, some spots on my face were diagnosed not as the distinctive markings of a rare intellect-which I had assumed them to be-but as a precancerous skin malady.
I cut my political teeth on United Farm Worker grape boycotts in California's San Joaquin Valley.

Culture Watch

Liberation theology, in its Catholic variant, encouraged communities of faith to find themselves in the scripture-to identify with the people of God in a different time and place...
Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction
Michael Been's new offering.
It was inevitable that our de facto federal ministry of culture would be among the first and most visible targets when Newt Gingrich, the Trotsky of the Hard Right, took the House.
The surprise of Pauline praxis.


A recent article in The New York Times reported that environmental consciousness and community trust in Portland, Oregon, can now be found in the form of a yellow bicycle.
Reflections on the revised common lectionary (February 19 - April 30, 1995)
What do you do when viciously expressed political views begin to drown out the good news?
Working for human rights and human needs in Latin America
What do you do when viciously expressed political views begin to drown out the good news?
Countering the idol of self
WHEN I SAW the December 1994/January 1995 issue with coverage of Flannery O'Connor, I thought, Oh good, maybe I'll learn what's so great about her.