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Because of you... 2011 has been a great year!

by Sojourners 11-22-2011

This Thanksgiving, we’re so thankful to call you a Sojourner. You -- our activists, readers, and supporters -- are a vital part of this movement!

Here's a quick wrap-up of all that you were a part of this year!

Glenn Beck Promises Week-long Focus on Jim Wallis and His 'Social Justice Nonsense'

by Sojourners 03-18-2010

Last night, Glenn Beck put a picture of Jim Wallis on his blackboard:


Important Resources for Social Change

by Sojourners 03-01-2009
A compilation of books, films, and training materials for making social change happen.

Election 2008: Voting All Your Values

by Sojourners 11-01-2008
A guide to the issues—just in time for the elections.

A guide to the issues—just in time for the elections.

Bringing People Together

by Sojourners 03-01-1996

Questions for Thought and Discussion

by Sojourners 07-01-1995

In "Suspicions of Conspiracy," Tom Sine examines some of the similarities and differences between certain strands of Christian apocalyptic thought and global conspiracy theories propagated by some political extremists. 

The Fire Still Burns

by Sojourners 07-01-1995
An interview with historian Gar Alperovitz.

Inside Story

by Sojourners 05-01-1995

Both the consistent life ethic and biblical feminism are foundational principles for Sojourners.

Resources for Renewal and Change

by Sojourners 05-01-1995

Questions for thought and discussion

by Sojourners 05-01-1995

Inside Story

by Sojourners 03-01-1995

What do you do when viciously expressed political views begin to drown out the good news?


by Sojourners 12-01-1994

Listening Together

by Sojourners 12-01-1986

Homosexuality has been a very controversial and polarizing issue in the Christian community.