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The Evangelical Heart and Mind

Liberation theology, in its Catholic variant, encouraged communities of faith to find themselves in the scripture-to identify with the people of God in a different time and place, thus knowing the assurance of God's presence in their experience. Theologian Reta Halteman Finger, in her Paul and the Roman House Churches (Herald Press, 1993), brings a similar evangelical impulse to reading Paul. She invites readers to recognize individuals in scripture, especially the names we often skip over in the Epistles.

Roman House Churches is in part a theological treatise on Paul's writings and their use in the church, and in part a process-oriented resource for adult education classes. Finger suggests role-playing the reading of the Epistles of Paul with people taking on the characteristics of the addressees of the letters. A feminist undertaking, this emphasizes the humanness of the recipients, the difficulties Paul was addressing in each church, and the role of many individuals in the on-going work of Paul.

This easily read work will bring alive the scriptures and the church. Finger evangelizes in word and deed. Now there's a radical concept.

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Sojourners Magazine March-April 1995
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