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Sojourners Magazine: June 2018

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In this issue, Niki Wong explains how the demand for fossil fuels has created "sacrifice zones," including her own LA neighborhood. In wealthier, whiter neighhborhoods with active drill sites, regulations protect residents from the noise, smell, and chemical exposure. But in neighborhoods like Wong's—predominantly people of color living in poverty—few regulations were in place. So together with Redeemer Community Partnership, Wong and other people of faith are fighting back.

Cover Story

Niki Wong leads a community of resistance to urban fracking in Los Angeles. 


Practicing Sabbath can create space to engage in the 'holy work of mending the world.'
How witnessing Samson's renaming ceremony changed my church.
When LAPD shot an unarmed homeless man, I wanted to respond. But how?
In a D.C. suburb, pastors work to build trust—and accountability—with local police. But does it work?


By refusing to give up, West Virginia teachers won a five percent raise—for all state employees.
Christians in South Sudan opt for nonviolent resistance to government oppression.
Even global banks are catching on: B Corps are good business.

Culture Watch

Urban Doxology uses the language of worship to reimagine community.
Love Undocumented: Risking Trust in a Fearful World, by Sarah Quezada. Herald Press.
The Violence of Climate Change: Lessons of Resistance from Nonviolent Activists, by Kevin J. O’Brien. Georgetown University Press.  
Breaking White Supremacy: Martin Luther King Jr. and the Black Social Gospel, by Gary Dorrien. Yale University Press.
A new book explains how we arrived at the era of populist billionaires.
Four culture recommendations from the editors.
Russell and Kramer made a film about what happens when societies build themselves on lies.
The Power, by Naomi Alderman. Little, Brown and Company


We cannot afford to abandon the rites and rhythms that sustain us. 
Everett Historical / Shutterstock
Letters to the editors from Sojourners readers.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle B. 


God has placed eternity in the fleshy, beating hearts of humans.
On a continent increasingly beset by climate-caused drought and flood, beavers couldn't be more important. 
Funny business by Ed Spivey Jr.
The future of the nation's soul and the integrity of faith are both at stake.