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Sojourners Magazine: July 2015

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Before Latino, African-American, and Anglo pastors from Dallas could work together to address racial and economic injustice, they had to take a hard look at their city’s history of white supremacy—and the “theological defense system” that has kept it in place.


As much as we'd prefer feel-good activism, the beatitudes pull us out of the comfort zone of the self that always wants to stop at having "done its part."
Forget cigars—some low-income communities in the U.S. are importing Cuba's health-care strategy. 
The prophet who got everything wrong. 
Today's stereotypes of the black family are hard-drawn, inhuman caricatures, not real humanity, explains Lisa Sharon Harper. 


Corporations aren't made in the image of God—people are. 
The Iran Framework could be one of the most significant nuclear nonproliferation achievements in history. 
Being pro-life means opposing capital punishment.


The Cold War may have come and gone, but its legacy lives on. 
Fifteen million Bangladeshis already live in solar-powered houses. 
When I get tired of talking to myself, I talk to strangers. (Lucky strangers.)

Culture Watch

In Broadway's Hand to God, a sock puppet unleashes church-basement demons. 
"Wanted: A Spiritual pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders" by Chris Hoke
"Your Fathers, Where Are They? And The Prophets, Do They Live Forever?" by Dave Eggers
"Radiant Truths: Essential Dispatches, Reports, Confessions, & Other Essays in American Belief" edited by Jeff Sharlet
Brian Fallon's Christianity is less apparent than his Bruce devotion. 
Too much is going on, and not all of it is good. 
Four July 2015 culture recommendations from our editors

Cover Story

Faith-based organizers in Texas are still battling the ghosts of the Old South.