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From the Archives: July 1987

by Laura Griffin 06-08-2015
Sacramental Moments

Mosaic of resurrected Christ (Renata Sedmakova / Shutterstock)

[W]hen I was in junior high, I decided I wanted to become the first black woman ordained in the Lutheran Church. ... At Wesley I enjoyed being a student again, until one of the black seminarians asked, “How can you be black and be Lutheran?” I didn’t know. I had never thought about it. The Lutheran Church is predominantly white, ethnically German and Scandinavian. It is highly structured and without the display of lively emotions most blacks are used to in their religious experiences. The Lutheran Church was the only church I had ever really known, and yet suddenly I was thrust into an identity crisis that really rocked me.

Making a New Way: Sharing the Sacramental Moments

by Laura Griffin 07-01-1987

Women in the Church Tell Their Stories.