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Sojourners Magazine: July 2007

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The fight against global warming will require a movement full of fire and prayer. That movement has begun...
Why the environmental movement and the racial justice movement need each other.
1) Organize. If a presidential candidate is coming your way, ask him or her: How are we going to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by 2050? What's your plan?2) Organize.
What congregations can do to restore creation.


For many U.S. college students Taize-style worship offers a sanctuary of calm and community.
In a land of asphalt, malls, and picket fences, how do we serve God and neighbor?
A reflection on healing our relationship with food.
What does it mean to be poor in the 'burbs?


How to stop fueling the agribusiness model.
History does not tend to be kind to Christian theologians who demand war. In a New York Times article titled "A Catholic Debate Mounts on the Meaning of 'Just War'" published
Religious leaders are backing the Employee Free Choice Act.


Is this the end of productive society as we know it?
I watched much of the cable television coverage of Jerry Falwell's death and legacy.

Culture Watch

Singing the songs of a bygone world.
Remembering who we are in a digitally fragmented world.
Encountering the Holy The Life of Meaning: Reflections on Faith, Doubt, and Repairing the World, edited by Bob Abernethy, host of the PBS show Religion & Ethics N
Many Christians are questioning whether evangelicals care enough about trying to change the political and economic institutions of our society so that they will provide equal justice for all of its
Lucinda Williams' singing voice inhabits at least a dozen personalities, sometimes within one song.
Every artist knows the pressure to "shut up and sing." But with the injustices of our nation made evident in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, and in the midst of a disastrous war waged on false prete


Danny Duncan Collum got it right in his article on media and academic bias in the service of free trade and globalization ("One Side to Every Story," May 2007).
One thing missing from "A Nuclear Surge" (by Frida Berrigan, April 2007) is the money source.
The narcotraficante commanded me in gestures, take off your blouse. Then he jerked it, scattering buttons— smooth and pink—along the ground.
Members of Reef Relief in Key West, Florida, dove down to the Sand Key reef to join in the national day of climate action held April 14 in the U.S.
I had just returned from a mission trip organized by the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana's Office of Disaster Response when I read Jim Wallis' column for the April 2007 issue, "All Hands on Deck."
I have received Sojourners magazine for some time and am especially impressed with the May issue on fair trade.
Poor Diet. In April, Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski encouraged all Oregonians to take the "Food Stamp Challenge" by living on an average food stamp budget of $21 per person per week.
American theists perceive God in four general ways, according to findings from the Baylor Religion Survey.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary Cycle C.
Regarding the "Overheard" quote in the April 2007 issue: The continuing conversations in many denominations also involve millions of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons who are being in
Finally, researchers have harnessed the fruit of the spirit into a new kind of energy drink!
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth recently launched the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative, starting with a focus on the genocide in Darfur.
Say "suburbs" and most people picture sprawling neighborhoods of identical homes filled with upwardly mobile status-seekers.
In the public debate over immigration reform, President Bush has been pushing a guest worker program that would allow immigrant workers to apply for temporary employment in certain sectors.
Conservatives nationwide have been clamoring for tough ID requirements to stop individual voting fraud.