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It's Hip to be Plain

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 05-11-2013

Who knew the Amish would become such a center of pop-cultural attention?

Simple Living Becomes Sexy

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 12-01-2010
In an age of 'eco-awakenings,' the vision of 'more with less' abides.

What Celebrities Can Teach Christians about Simple Living

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 11-19-2010

The Afterlife of Trash

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 01-01-2010

What is the connection between a mother in Pennsylvania and a mother in northern Canada?

Jimmy Carter's Stand on Women in Church Leadership

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 07-22-2009

An autographed photo of Jimmy Carter sits on our piano. A friend of ours wrote to Carter and told him that he was one of our sons' favorite presidents, and would he please send them a signed photograph. When Keith gave our sons the Carter picture last Christmas, my 8-year-old actually teared up.

Buy, Buy Baby

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 01-01-2009
Helping parents resist the siren song of marketers.

Picket-Fence Poverty

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 07-01-2007
What does it mean to be poor in the 'burbs?

Jesus of the Cul-de-Sac

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 07-01-2007

In a land of asphalt, malls, and picket fences, how do we serve God and neighbor?

From Imagination To Action

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 11-01-2006
Can fiction be a vehicle for social change?

The Second Coming of the Lord God Bird

by Valerie Weaver-Zercher 01-01-2006

The quest to save the ivory-bill represents a desire with which many evangelical Christians may connect.