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Googling Genocide

The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and Google Earth recently launched the Genocide Prevention Mapping Initiative, starting with a focus on the genocide in Darfur. Using Google Earth's satellite imagery—along with additional "layers" from the U.S. government, U.N. agencies, and nongovernmental organizations—users can zero in on Darfur and see the ground-level destruction of infrastructure and massive displacement of people into refugee camps. "We hope this important initiative with Google will make it that much harder for the world to ignore those who need us the most," said Sara Bloomfield, the museum's director. Since 2004, at least 400,000 people have been killed, and more than 3.5 million rely on international aid for survival, according to the Save Darfur Coalition.

The project marks the beginning of the museum's plan to build an interactive "global crisis map" that will include information on emerging areas of conflict and genocide around the world.

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