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A Psalm for Mine Worker Justice

by Kim Bobo 05-19-2010
Yesterday, I read through psalm after psalm searching for the "right" one to read at the opening of the

Put the 'Labor' Back in Secretary of Labor (Our Secretary of Labor is M.I.A., Part 2)

by Kim Bobo 10-17-2008

[continued from part 1]

Regardless of who wins the presidential election, we need a secretary of labor who thinks and acts like Frances Perkins.

Our Secretary of Labor is M.I.A. in Protecting Workers (Part 1)

by Kim Bobo 10-16-2008

Putting Some Labor Back in Labor Day Weekend Services

by Kim Bobo 08-28-2008

Labor Day weekend is often a slow time for congregations. Members are attending family gatherings. Parents are getting children ready for school. Neglected summer projects are undertaken or (like my garden) abandoned until next summer. Aside from the occasional Labor Day parade, few Labor Day activities seem to have anything to do with honoring labor. Labor Day weekend nonetheless offers congregations an opportunity to lift up the values of work and reflect on our religious [...]

Justice at Work

by Kim Bobo 07-01-2007
Religious leaders are backing the Employee Free Choice Act.

Laboring for Justice

by Kim Bobo 09-01-2002
What's happening in the religion-and-labor movement?

More Than Pickets and Prayer

by Kim Bobo 05-01-1999

Fifteen ways to strengthen your congregation's justice ministry with workers.