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Memory in the Age of My Space

by Jesse Holcomb 07-01-2007
Remembering who we are in a digitally fragmented world.

Tortured Logic

by Jesse Holcomb 06-01-2007
Do shows like 24 help make torture acceptable?

Marriage and the Common Good

by Jesse Holcomb 07-01-2005

With hope and a prayer, young Christians explore how marriage between two can build community for many.

A Preacher's Last Rites

by Jesse Holcomb 03-01-2005
A review of Gilead, by Marilyn Robinson

A Refuge from Tyranny

by Jesse Holcomb 05-01-2004

Iranian women experience the transformative power of fiction.

by Jesse Holcomb 05-01-2004
Churches shouldn't ignore the meetup phenomenon.