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Sojourners Magazine: April 1992

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Cover Story

America's health care system is in dire straits. Proper medical care has long been denied to the poor in this country, and now the middle class can't afford it either.


Sidebar to "God's Transforming Initiative"
Turning toward the Sermon on the Mount
Exposing the roots of 'Might Makes Right'


What is underneath the "psychological thrillers"
As Atlanta prepares for the 1996 Olympics, many low-income housing residents fear "revitalization" means eviction
Where are the churches in El Salvador?


Trailblazers in fair economics
What attractive presentation can do for your nutrition

Culture Watch

The power of Latin American violence
Our community spiritual director
Farmworkers, farmlands, and culture expire together
The entertainment business as a trade does not often seem to affirm the power of faithfulness or the goodness of human nature.
As this is written, the media controversy surrounding Oliver Stone's film JFK is reaching a fever pitch.
I am often amazed by the talents unleashed upon the community of faith.


The American attitude toward Haiti
Disability rights activists didn't waste any time.
How we study scripture is as important as that we study it.
The gathering of the EATWOT