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From the Archives: March-April 1999

by Jennifer Jean Casolo 02-11-2013
'If not us, who?'

IN A CROWDED auditorium [in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch] that served as a shelter for 900 people, the scarce supply of drinking water was kept in a bucket and labeled with a sign that said "Do not use your own cup." Five bored, mischievous children, however, could think of nothing better than to try to stick their cups in the water. Then one relief worker gave them a special assignment. "This water is very important," she said. "I need you to be the guardians of the water so that no one dips in their own glass." And they, feeling respected and needed, became the fierce, undaunted protectors of the water supply.

Similarly, countless Hondurans are saying, "If not us, then who?"—righting their relationship with themselves, assuming the task of rebuilding their homes and communities, recognizing that progress occurs when they participate. Women, who have never even valued their never-ending activity as work, are speaking up when the pay sheets are evaluated. "I planted a garden. I rebuilt the wall of my house. I earned my corn and beans."

A Statue for the Worm

by Jennifer Jean Casolo 03-01-1999
Mitch's devastation has been the opportunity for Jubilee.

A Miraculous Moment for El Salvador

by Jennifer Jean Casolo 04-01-1992

Peace in El Salvador

The Third Interrogation

by Jennifer Jean Casolo 04-01-1990

The power of truth in a Salvadoran prison