Joshua Witchger 7-12-2012

95 seconds of 90s television nostalgia – Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass prepare for the release of their first feature film Sleepwalk With Me – Arrested Development set to film in one month – Earnest Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms releases with 47 alternate endings. See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 7-11-2012

John Hodgman reads a story of aliens buying the rights to all of humanity's music – Face Math – The United Shapes of America – rising R&B star Frank Ocean – 1,000 parachuting teddy bears for free speech – super heroes spoof the Golden Girls – and Cookie Monster parodies the hit of the summer "Call Me Maybe." See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Christian Piatt 7-10-2012
"I DON'T PUT GOD IN A BOX." Illustration by Cathleen Falsani/Sojourners.

"I DON'T PUT GOD IN A BOX." Illustration by Cathleen Falsani/Sojourners with image from Shutterstock.

The response to this series of articles has been pretty overwhelming, and generally, very positive. For the handful of folks who label me an apostate, atheist, anti-Christian or what have you for stepping on some rhetorical toes, it’s fine if you feel the need to cast stones. But do bear in mind that, when you do, you are living into a stereotype of Christians as knee-jerk reactionary, judgmental people. Something to consider.

And for the hundreds who have written with thanks for helping them feel their pain, alienation, confusion or resistance is heard and understood, thank you.

In that spirit, I have compiled a third (and most likely, final) list of Cliches to avoid because, frankly, there were still so many worth noting that have yet to be addressed. Thanks to those who have submitted suggestions for additional lists. And because I’ve had some emails and comments asking for more clarity on what to do or say instead of leaning on these cliches, I’ll offer a closing piece for this series tomorrow about what I’d suggest Christians focus on instead of well-worn rhetorical scripts.

Enough prologue. Here are the final nine cliches to strike from the Christian lexicon if we’re interested in reaching people on a deeper, more personal level.

the Web Editors 7-06-2012
And you thought having to pay your student loans back was bad...
The School of Economics and Management in Essen, Germany, is suing one of its students for completing his degree too quickly (and demanding he pay back more than $3,000 in tuition.)

Marcel Pohl, a student at The School of Economics and Management in Essen, Germany, says he couldn't believe it when he found out the university was suing him for graduating with a master's degree after just three semesters.

"When I got the lawsuit, I thought it couldn't be true," the 22-year-old told Bild. "Performance is supposed to be worth something."

the Web Editors 7-06-2012


The Daily Show correspondents weigh in on why economists are more than just nerdy, high-panted economic yodas with no accountability. More inside the blog.

Bill McKibben 7-05-2012

Please don’t sweat the 2,132 new high temperature marks in June — remember, climate change is a hoax.

The first to figure this out was Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who in fact called it “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” apparently topping even the staged moon landing.

But others have been catching on. Speaker of the House John Boehner pointed out that the idea that carbon dioxide is “harmful to the environment is almost comical.” The always cautious Mitt Romney scoffed at any damage too: “Scientists will figure that out 10, 20, 50 years from now,” he said during the primaries.

Still, you have to admit: for a hoax, it’s got excellent production values.

Joshua Witchger 7-02-2012

"Sun Boxes" a solar powered outdoor art installation of music – life size Hot Wheels track earns World Record –belt buckle flask –summery fruit sculptures –man plays typewriter in symphony –realistic names for common snack foods – and eleven months of hard work finally pays off in this stunning video of a used engine rebuilt. See today's Links of Awesomeness for all the details...

Christian Piatt 7-01-2012

I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry, but it’s true. We’re 20 weeks into the Church Sign Epic Fails series and going strong.

Always good to pick fights on your church sign.

Ed Spivey Jr. 7-01-2012

Like Jesus, I'm saving a lot of money on gas.

the Web Editors 6-29-2012

That about does it for us for the week. We send you off to the weekend with prayers for safety and blessings — and a bit of bacon-inspired poetry for the journey. (Our thanks to the fine, funny folks at Bacon Salt for the image.)

the Web Editors 6-29-2012

From The Daily Show with Jon Stewart:

"The Supreme Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, and CNN races with Fox News to see which news organization will be the first to report the great decision."

the Web Editors 6-28-2012
'Affordable Care Cat is Upheld' via the new blog

'Affordable Care Cat is Upheld' via the new blog

The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Now, take a little time to celebrate by smiling along with the latest Internet meme craze, "affordable care cats." Currently it's a small collection, but after today's news, this site should be up and running soon.


Joshua Witchger 6-27-2012

Nick Offerman reads more tweets from young female celebrities — Amy Poehler answers odd questions in front of a large audience — 10 nerdy bathrooms — Star Wars family car decals — Ira Glass on Car Talk reruns — and Oreo cookie comes out in favor of gay rights. Click trough to read today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 6-19-2012

Seven summer camp movies to set the tone for your summer adventures —  watch the craft of making flamenco guitars — children spraying dads with a hose — people behind their cereal mascot — new track from Childish Gambino — and video technology meets street art in Berlin. See these in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 6-18-2012

Duck flash mob takes over a street in China – Pictographic rock band posters –Jack McBrayer learns insults at a hot dog shop – and San Diego's annual dog surfing tournament. See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 6-15-2012

Happy Father's Day Weekend! Here's a few tips from children on how to be a good dad. Plus... "That's my dad" hash tags with Jimmy Fallon –emergency dance technician storms New York City –TastemakerX is a stock market for up-and-coming musicians – Burger King's bacon sundae = calorie overload – Saved By the Bell's bathroom products –new music from David Byrne and St. Vincent. See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

the Web Editors 6-13-2012
The Madonna as Catwoman by Igor Scalisi Palminteri via Facebook.

The Madonna as Catwoman by Igor Scalisi Palminteri via Facebook.

Italian artist Igor Scalisi Palminteri is fascinated by religion — and superheroes, apparently. In a series of statuary called "Agiographie," Palminteri reimangines traditional images of Jesus, the Holy Family, and the saints as, variously, Superman, Captain America, Batman and Robin, and The Incredibles.

See more of Palminteri's superhero-saints inside the blog ...

the Web Editors 6-12-2012

"America's nuns clearly support the gay agenda, but one nun really has the Vatican's chasubles in a bunch."


"NETWORK's Executive Director Sister Simone Campbell responds to the Vatican's "radical feminist" charges, and Stephen learns how to get into heaven."

Joshua Witchger 6-11-2012
Abraham ”Googly Eyes” Lincoln via Archie McPhee / Celebrity Googly

Abraham ”Googly Eyes” Lincoln via Archie McPhee / Celebrity Googly

Inception is re-imagined in LEGOS – time lapse photos from the International Space Station –the Museum of Endangered Sounds –Jim Henson Co. to adapt Frog and Toad –80s awkward family photos – and Celebrity Googly Eyes. Take a look at these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Jack Palmer 6-11-2012
Sojo web team as "Tweeple."

Sojo web team as "Tweeple."

Ever wondered what your tweets would look like if they were a person? No, neither had we. But Mashable today reports on a new tool called Tweepify that “turns your Twitter activity — how often you tweet, followers-to-following ratio, etc. — into humanoid “tweeple.”