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QUIRK: Some Londoners Slow to Catch the Olympic Spirit

Billions will tune into the Summer Olympics in London over the coming weeks, excited to see their favorite athletes competing for those coveted Gold Medals.

Hundreds of thousands more will brave the wind and rain of the traditional British ‘summer’ (this year, summer will officially be on August 13 if you’re interested) to enjoy the Games in person and literally some people will watch the Trampolining (because those were the only tickets that were left, let’s be honest).

Everyone is anticipating a wonderful event with great excitement, which will display the very best of what Britain has to offer.

Excuse me, did you say excitement? Are you having a bubble? [Editor’s note: “bubble” is Cockney rhyming slang for laugh…]

Yes – this is the Olympics! Who wouldn’t be excited?


You? Well who are you anyway?

I am an average Londoner, thank you very much. And I’m not so sure that excitement is quite the right word that I would use to describe how I’m feeling about the games…

Check out this video from The Final Edition which captures perfectly some of the frustrations that Londoners are feeling about the Games. (And yes, that is former Python Terry Jones you hear…)


Jack Palmer, a native of London, is a communications assistant at Sojourners. Follow Jack on Twitter @JackPalmer88.