Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: July 31, 2012 | Sojourners

Afternoon Links of Awesomeness: July 31, 2012

Figure SkatingCheck out some of the funniest faces in the Olympics, in this list of still shots from figure skating and diving. [Buzzfeed]

A monkey at the Houston Zoo finds a hidden camera that zookeepers placed to monitor activity. So naturally, when a monkey discovers it, the first thing to do is take a self-portrait. [Gawker]

IKEA slumber party hits one of the mega-stores in Emeryville, Calif. Attendees arrive at 7 p.m. sharp, dressed in their “best set of jammies” and to read bedtime stories and get into the beds at the bedroom department. [Laughing Squid]  

Peter Jackson’s confirms that The Hobbit will be released as three films. Part one will release in December. [Paste]

This is one happy Nigerian dwarf goat. [via YouTube]

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