Christian Piatt 06-03-2012

Sweet 16 and never been theologically on point.

Got some good ones this week. Enjoy.


the Web Editors 06-01-2012
Big Gulp. Photo by section215/Wylio.

Big Gulp. Photo by section215/Wylio.

If New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gets his way, Big Gulps and any other super-sized sugary soft-drinks will go the way of smoking at the Oyster Bar and Times Square peep shows and trans-fat-deep-fried corndogs.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg proposed a citywide ban on any serving of sugary-sweet soda more than 16 ounces in restaurants, movie theaters and street carts throughout the Big Apple.

In a column posted Friday on, Edward Morrissey, a senior editor and correspondent for the conservative commentary website said Bloomberg overreached (again) when he "hit the panic button" over super-sized soft drinks.

Jon Stewart did not take Bloomberg's menacing of to his (apparently) beloved Big Gulp lying down. "Mister Mayor, this ban makes your assinine look big," Stewart said on Thursday's The Daily Show.  "And what do you do about Slurpees?! A drink that lives in the netherworld betwixt physical states. Is it a solid? A liquid? Ultimately a gas?"

Joshua Witchger 05-31-2012

Politwoops presents deleted tweets from politicians -- bloopers from The Muppets -- crocheting massive portraits -- mashup of Men in Black III and Wes Anderson -- The Walkmen -- Rainn Wilson's airplane magazine article -- and Reggie Watts and Michael Cera improv a soul song about friendship and pie. See these and more on today's Links of Awesomeness...

Jack Palmer 05-30-2012

In the Washington Post, Dana Milbank raises the question that has (apparently) been on everyone's lips during this election season:

Is Mitt Romney a unicorn?

An interesting question, we can all agree. By why are people asking?

According to Milbank:

The campaign came about because Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, citing allegations that the birth certificate President Obama released is a fraud, threatened to take the incumbent off the ballot.

Another Post, writer, Alexandra Petri noted that, as many 18,000 people have signed on to a petition "demanding proof that Mitt Romney was not a unicorn", in light of the fact that "unicorns, as the petition pointed out, are ineligible for the presidency of the United States".

We will let you make up your own minds on this one folks...

P.S. Take a few seconds to check out the fantastic artwork that Petri employed to bring some clarity to the Mitt Romney/Unicorn claims. They are, in her own words "some of my best MS Paint work yet."

Jack Palmer 05-30-2012

It all got a little much for Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost yesterday during a discussion in the State House on pension reform.

The Atlantic reports:

The longtime Republican representative from a southern Illinois district was mad as hell and he wasn't going to take it any more, unleashing an epic rant at Speaker Mike Madigan.

The top moments are undoubtedly early in the clip, when he tosses a bunch of papers in the air, then punches them on the way down; and when he shouts, "Let my people go!" But stay with it until the end for his excellent variation on the old rap-battle mic drop. Also worth noting: the faces on his colleagues around him, trying to maintain a sense of dignity, except the woman in the burgundy behind him who seems willing to indulge her amusement.

Watch the full rant below:

Joshua Witchger 05-29-2012

Breweries of the United States -- Bicycles and the stages of life -- folk musician Bonnie 'Prince' Billy on NPR -- cassette tape table -- new species of 2011 -- get serious for 30 seconds -- and monkeys playing synthesizers... See these and more on today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 05-24-2012

Library of Congress to induct 25 formative sounds into archives -- 20 pictures of funny money -- remake of The Great Gatsby -- stream the new album from Sigur Rós -- and a one minute clip that took six months to make. See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 05-24-2012

According to reports from the Candle Association, 90 percent of candles are purchased by women.

In an effort to tip the scales, the Yankee Candle Company recently unveiled a few scents to woo men, in a line of products they're calling "Man Candles." This product for "men only" features four classic scents that a man will appreciate, including "2x4," "Riding Mower," "First Down," and "Man Town."

Just in time for Father's Day, you can enjoy the smell of freshly mowed grass or the excitement of game day.

Read more about the National Candle Association here, and Yankee Candle's "Man Candles" here.

Or, if you're seeking a slightly more exotic scent, Jimmy Fallon has some candles of his own to suggest.

Joshua Witchger 05-23-2012

The Museum of Old Pop Culture References -- clever commencement speeches -- Ben + Jerry's ice cream lock -- calming manatee -- and Chris Parnell helps bring awareness to cat boredom. See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

the Web Editors 05-23-2012

It's not uncommon to hear of someone arrested for a DUI, but when that driver has a zebra and a macaw with him in the vehicle, we've firmly entered the realm of the strange and unusual.

Jerald Reiter is a farmer and exotic pet owner, who tells the Detroit Free Press, "I ain’t been away from the farm for almost two months because I’ve been planting corn and everything else,’” he said. “So I opened the door, the zebra jumps in, the macaw loves to go for a ride, so we went for a ride.”

Joshua Witchger 05-22-2012

The 2012 Paralympics -- Kristen Wiig's best SNL characters -- Bill Murray narrates a tour of Wes Anderson's new film -- Moog synthesizers -- and Obama and Romney set aside their differences to dance in a van. See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

the Web Editors 05-22-2012

Nearly four years after Smith joked about potentially playing Obama in a not-actually-happening biopic on the president's life, the "Men In Black 3" star is at it again.

the Web Editors 05-21-2012

From Huffington Post: Kristen Wiig got a musical sendoff on the season finale of "Saturday Night Live" as the popular and versatile cast member made her exit after seven years. In the show's final sketch, guest host Mick Jagger played the principal at a high school graduation and brought up Wiig, in cap and gown, as "one particular student who is leaving this summer."

Christian Piatt 05-21-2012

Yes, kids, it’s that time again already. Seems it was only seven days ago when we posted our last batch of weekly church sign epic fails, and here we are again.

So let’s get to it: your weekly infusion of bad church signs.

Now that's my kinda Jesus (except you'd think the Messiah would go Microbrew, yes?)

Joshua Witchger 05-17-2012

Penguin escapes from zoo and is spotted months later -- stereotypes of your favorite 90s bands -- sneaky squirrels nabbing food -- visual history of Europe... read these and more on today's Links of Awesomeness.

Joshua Witchger 05-16-2012
Animal Pocket Knife. Design by David Suhami via Yanko Design

Animal Pocket Knife. Design by David Suhami via Yanko Design

Memorable commencement speeches from comedians -- Colbert and Stewart on LGBT -- unscientific diagrams of aquatic life -- most bikeable U.S. cities -- Parks and Recreation's Adam Scott "blows some minds" -- The Animal Pocket knife... See these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness.

Joshua Witchger 05-14-2012

The cast of Arrested Development knows how to celebrate "Dance like a Chicken Day." Plus New York's piano man wheels an upright down the street -- X-Ray photos of animals and plants -- Ghostbusters city tour -- elephants form a two-day vigil -- Neil Young and Crazy Horse play "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain"... and more. See today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 05-11-2012

Mothers Day Links: awkward photos of mothers -- the daughters that span six generations -- ways to improve Mother's Day -- things you're mom is too old to be doing. Plus other links from This American Life's live event -- Conan O'Brien presents coffee table books -- Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros... see these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 05-10-2012

More from Maddie the coonhound -- color wheel of gay rights progress -- pancake art -- slow motion popcorn popping -- Kristen Schaal as the "average 1996 woman" -- quirky suggestions for Mitt Romney's running mate -- and baby bears line up to show some love for one another... see these and more in today's Links of Awesomeness...

Joshua Witchger 05-09-2012
confessional e-card via

confessional e-card via

Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono team up for a special Mother's Day -- John Hamm freestyle raps -- Iceland's latest musical goodness hits the U.S. -- Dr. Shaq -- 150 years of baseball teams... read these and more on today's Links of Awesomeness...