A recent consultation among United Methodist Church officials on the "authority of scripture and the nature of God’s revelation" acknowledged that the most divisive debates of the church hinge largely on one’s view of the nature and authority of the Bible. 

Andrew Schleicher 9-01-1999

A bipartisan group of House and Senate members re-introduced the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (EDNA) in June.

Homosexuality should not become a litmus test of who's in or out of God's favor

Peggy and Tony Campolo dialogue about the church and homosexuality.

The brutal and tragic killing of Matthew Shepard last fall makes it clear that Christians need a more mature response to the issue of homosexuality in general, and gay-bashing in particular.

Andrew Schleicher 1-01-1999

The Environmental Working Group resigned last October from a presidential advisory panel created to bring together farm and environmental interests on the issue of pesticides.

Germantown Mennonite Church, the oldest continuous Mennonite congregation in North America, has been ousted from its regional conference because of its stand on covenanted gay and lesbian couples in membership.

Sojourners 12-01-1986

Homosexuality has been a very controversial and polarizing issue in the Christian community.