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Sojourners Magazine: September-October 2002

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How to topple Saddam Hussein—nonviolently.


A Bible study on health, healing and justice.
Against all odds, Palestinian Christians seek resurrection in Bethlehem.
Recently a newspaper in Washington, D.C., carried a four-part series titled "Black Money."
For Louisiana writer Ernest Gaines, home is the place where you're torn between the difficulty of leaving and the terror of staying.
Imagine a packed elementary school auditorium and only an hour between hundreds of kids and summer vacation. "Peace" isn't the word that comes to mind.


How could anyone have gotten so out of touch with physical reality?
What's happening in the religion-and-labor movement?
Attacks in both East and West Jerusalem damage and demoralize—but they're not the same.
A victory for vouchers - but who wins?


‘ Hear this, you that trample on the poor and take from them their jobs and retirement funds.
At Wimbledon in 2002, tennis great Serena Williams was asked how it felt to be number one in the world.
Those of you just back from vacation might need a quick reminder about the state of the world. It's not good.

Culture Watch

I'm reluctant to mouth off about something like the 30th anniversary of the Watergate break-in and all that followed. It makes me feel old.
Leaving out my all-time favorites Carlos Santana and John Coltrane, whom I've written about for Sojourners, here are a few cultural artifacts I'm currently excited about.
"Fantasy is what people want, but reality is what they need.
Chris Rice, a former columnist for Sojourners, chronicles in Grace Matters: A True Story of Race, Friendship, and Faith in the Heart of the South his years living in Antioch...
What's the sound of a policy wonk clapping? I don't know.
Father John McNamee is a priest in the Philadelphia 'hood with a tough job.
John H. Timmerman's incisive look at poet Jane Kenyon could use a snappier title because, more than a "literary life," it is a quintessential modern American spiritual journey.
Spokane Indian Sherman Alexie often snaps "that's personal" during interviews, yet the characters in his books and films closely follow his own life growing up on the Spokane Indian Reservation...
Two Roches and Zero Church


Nurit Elhanan and her husband, Rami, both 52, are campaigning for an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. What's remarkable about their peace campaign?
'Nonviolent resistance isn't about making a point, it's about taking power." Even many people who believe deeply in nonviolence might be taken aback by the bluntness of such a statement.
TODAY I RECEIVED an e-mail from a friend who was sharing an article by Julie Polter titled "Martha Stewartship" (May-June 2002).
THANKS FOR including Joan Chittister's article "The Faith Will Survive" in your July-August issue.
(Based on Mark 7:24-30)
Daring Deeds. In June, seven women gathered on a boat on the Danube in Austria to be ordained as Roman Catholic priests.
Twelve of the world's top 20 megacities are in Asia and the Pacific. Tokyo, with more than 26 million people, is currently the world's largest city.
The world now has purple M&Ms, but hold your applause for the little chocolates until the West African cocoa fields are rid of child slavery.
Two-hundred-seventy Haitian refugees—including children—have been held for more than six months in a maximum-security prison
REGARDING "SINS of the Fathers": An interesting article, but I take is
THANK YOU for such a wonderful article ("The Faith Will Survive")!
College, credit cards, and students: A dangerous mix?
The Nonviolent Peaceforce is putting soldiers in the field.
The Glasgow University Media Group decided to research how much about the Middle East conflict students learned from watching TV. This is what they found.
IN "CATHOLIC Scandal, Ecumenical Solution" (July-August 2002), Rose Marie Ber
Brazilian popular educator Paulo Freire probably never thought his ideas would revolutionize the fashion industry, but his student Maria Teresa Romeiro Leal has done just that. 
I FOUND SISTER Joan Chittister's article "The Faith Will Survive" encouraging in these troubled times.
Here's the perfect gift for the hard-to-shop-for Lutheran in your life, or for that matter any friendly neighborhood church reformer.
Word and World : Tucson, Arizona : Nov. 9-16, 2002
THANKS TO Walter Brueggemann for calling on us to challenge the capitalist system that causes such loss and pain for the powerless.
JIM RICE'S "SINS of the Fathers" and Rose Marie Berger's "Managing the Erotic Life" (May-June 2002) were much too coy about male supremacy's major role in maintaining sexual promiscuity and abuse in the church.
In June, the African Religious Leaders Assembly on Children and HIV/AIDS met in Nairobi at the request of the Hope for African Children Initiative and the World Conference of Religions and Peace. 

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