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The One Prince

I FOUND SISTER Joan Chittister's article "The Faith Will Survive" encouraging in these troubled times. There are obviously deep wounds and victims that we are called to pray for. In considering the Catholic Church and the future, I can agree that there is a clearer vision when faith is viewed as being separate from the system that supports it. My heart and faith are with the church that I consider the original Christian church. The richness of ecclesiastical history and the magisterium keep us on the path of the gospel way of life. It is undeniable that some members of the church have acted in ways that are totally off that path. There does have to be a plan, a new culture, and a new structure to prevent this type of destruction from ever occurring or being protected again. The only prince of the church that I recognize is Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

Joan Irene Morris
St. Leo, Florida

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2002
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