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Defying Violence with Democracy

by Jack DuVall, by Cynthia Boaz 09-01-2006

Why grassroots civil society - and not 'nation building' from on high - is key to the future of Iraq.

Doubts About Chavez

by Jack DuVall 06-01-2004
Rose Marie Berger'

Rose Marie Berger’s article "Presidential Option for the Poor?" (May 2004) may be right to praise Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez for his commitment to improving the lives of poor people in that country. But she failed to mention his obstruction of a constitutional presidential recall process, his

Liberation Without War

by Jack DuVall 02-01-2004

Is there a nonviolent way to overthrow dictators and achieve democracy?

With Weapons of the Will

by Peter Ackerman, by Jack DuVall 09-01-2002

How to topple Saddam Hussein—nonviolently.