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A Turn-Off

TODAY I RECEIVED an e-mail from a friend who was sharing an article by Julie Polter titled "Martha Stewartship" (May-June 2002). While I did not particularly like the article, I wasn't too shocked by it—many "journalists" have recycled the same unimaginative sentiment before. However, after I replied to my friend's e-mail, I went back to the article to find out more about the source. I was shocked to see that you consider yourself a Christian ministry.

You may "seek to be guided by the biblical principles of justice, mercy, and humility," but none of these virtues were demonstrated by Polter. Furthermore, it is this kind of hypocrisy and self-righteous condescension that is a complete turn-off to non-Christians and makes it impossible for those of us who do try to follow God's word to "shine our light." Practice what you preach.

Stephanie Lane
via e-mail

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Sojourners Magazine September-October 2002
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