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Sojourners Magazine: October 2004

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Unless we observe and surrender our small, daily anxieties, we won't recognize the really big fears, in all their disguises, that control our politics, our denominations, our bank accounts, and the world's future.
Especially in a contentious election year,Especially in a contentious election year, I find it difficult
As a World War II veteran,As a World War II veteran, I have always wondered how Adolph Hitler, the "Fuehrer" (the Leader), could gain so much


Evangelicals in the United States are increasingly estranged from their counterparts everywhere else.
How faith and a newspaper transformed a Mississippi community.
An Artist Who 'Did Something.'


Is it time for a Christian crusade against AIDS?
Is the church, like the country, divided into


God is not a Republican. Or a Democrat.
Google's 'democratic' launch hurt only the fat cats
I've always wanted a lawyer. I have a plumber, but it's not the same.

Culture Watch

Sacred Singing, rooted in comunity and place
Old-time country music is the new punk rock.
041035.htmlCinematic Borealis
Since 9-11 the capacity of Islam for renewal and change has become a central issue in the complex religious and political give-and-take that now surr
041033a.htmlIn The Coal Tattoo, Silas House’s third novel, House conjures up a setting that breathes and hums with life.


041049.html"Last night as I was sleeping, I dreamt—blessed illusion!—that I had a beehive here inside my heart. And the
Thank you for the insightful article by Bill Moyers (Thank you for the insightful article by Bill Moyers
If a forest is chopped down and nobody hears about it, did it really happen? Yes, according to Christian Peacemaker Teams and the Anishnabek tribe of Grassy Narrows First Nation near Kenora, Ontario.
At the regional airport in Waco, At the regional airport in Waco, on the third day
As we wrapped up this issue, summer was taking its final stroll into autumn. But like many people, we've been focusing for some time on the fall and the very important Election Day we're facing.
One year after the World Bank promised that revenues from the Chad-One year after the World Bank promised that
As I struggle to help my 11-As I struggle to help my 11-year-old son grapple with issues of war and peace, I find myself troubled by a growing trend
Untitled Normal Page[Regarding "Risky Business," by Brian McLaren, September 2004], I cringe every time I think a priest is going to
And you thought Mel Gibson'And you thought Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Jesus’ crucifixion went too far. Magic Matt’s "Crucifix Body
Five Ursuline sisters, Five Ursuline sisters, wearing 19th-century-style habits, made a five-day float trip down the Ohio River from Louisville to
041041gFood Fight. Approximately 1,600 Palestinians in Israeli prisons went on a hunger strike in mid-August, demanding