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Marked by the Land

by Andrea Jeyaveeran 10-01-2004

In The Coal Tattoo, Silas House’s third novel, House conjures up a setting that breathes and hums with life. Kentucky coal country in the 1960s is more a character than a mere backdrop for his story. Easter and Anneth, the sisters at the heart of the novel, are as bound to the mountains, creeks,

Lost in the Woods

by Andrea Jeyaveeran 02-01-2004
Our Lady of the Forest, by David Guterson.

The Sisters Sing

by Andrea Jeyaveeran 07-01-2003

You start to get an idea of how Wally Lamb, the editor of Couldn't Keep It to Myself, feels about the authors in his anthology of incarcerated female writers...

Reinventing a Religious Self

by Andrea Jeyaveeran 11-01-2002

I don't usually read memoirs. There are just so many of them out there, and the whole genre seems to have become self-indulgent or uninspired.