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Sojourners Magazine: July-August 2001

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Is technology the tool of the devil? The primrose path to a better life? Or something in between?


Voices from the Colombian church's human rights community.
Commemorating the life of Christian activist, magazine editor, and longtime friend of Sojourners John Alexander.
George W. and Laura Bush's new Crawford, Texas home boasts a stunning array of eco-friendly features...
How temp agencies use welfare-to-work laws to rack up big profits.
A remarkable program for black and Jewish teen-agers goes a long way toward busting stereotypes and fostering reconciliation.


Mississippi votes to keep the 'Stars and Bars.'
Is rape a war crime, or 'collateral damage'?
Genetic testing and treatment could affect every symptom we experience.
The refundable tax credit will help 500,000 children in poverty.
Left and right, Sudan's finally getting much needed attention.


Religious leaders demand (and get) help for working families.
'Columbine' used to refer to a mountain wildflower. Now it conjures up a national tragedy of teens killing teens.
Parental aggression at youth sports events has become commonplace.
Why shouldn't kids be allowed to have their fun, for gosh sakes?

Culture Watch

Jesus on the cross is best viewed as what that event concretely was, an imperial execution," says Mark Lewis Taylor in The Executed God.
The Veterans of Hope video series profiles nonviolence activists from around the world.
Country music has always been cruel to its purest products.
On Spirit of the Century, the Blind Boys bring their strong and gritty harmonies to traditional gospel tunes as well as rock and roll.
One of the most urgent issues for faith communities during the 1980s was the contra war in Nicaragua.
Author of such novels as Atticus and Mariette in Ecstasy, Ron Hansen believes in the power of stories and in the role that they can play in an examination of a faith-filled life.
DiFranco wrestles openly with her choice 'to invite someone into her melodrama.'
It's easy to defend the death penalty in the abstract, but much more difficult when you have to participate in death.


The Un-Chained Gang Motorcycle Ministry is a nondenominational outreach program of born-again outlaw bikers in Bloomington, Indiana. Members take a vow of nonviolence for the sake of Jesus.
$446.3 billion "social cost" of driving in 2000* (18 cents/mile)
Bringing together the community
When a U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency survey found that one out of every 10 people in Baltimore is a drug addict, Methodist pastor Tim Warner decided enough was enough.
Israeli Rabbi Arik Ascherman of Rabbis for Human Rights, who was arrested this spring for blocking a bulldozer that was in the act of demolishing a Palestinian home in the West Bank. 
What can you do about youth violence?  
'There is no better legacy we can leave than an effective nonviolent peace force.'
"Curse Free TV" is a new invention that automatically filters out profanity and other offensive language in television programming.
Cross Talk. As part of a cultural exchange initiated by the Mennonite Central Committee, Evelyn and Wallace Schellenberger are moving to Qom, Iran. To prepare they met with Dr. 
Sojourners board meetings are important to those of us on staff for a number of reasons.
Elizabeth Iguago came to the United States from Ecuador to work for an IMF official.
When humanitarian intervention sends in the troops, it’s not usually a laughing matter.
A recent survey of political involvement by black churches, conducted by Morehouse College’s "Public Influences of African-American Churches Project"...
We are prone to listen to, but not hear, Jesus' challenging words.
Twenty-nine years after the fact, U.K.
Protesters anywhere have a legitimate case to make, as long as it’s not made with violence.