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Breaking Free

by William O'Brien 06-03-2011

Freedom Journeys: The Tale of Exodus and Wilderness across Millennia, by Rabbi Arthur O. Waskow adn Rabbi Phyllis O. Berman. Jewish Lights Publishing. 

Amazing Grace in the Mental Ward

by William O'Brien 01-01-2009

For years, I had fought against the stigmas that dehumanize people with mental illness. Now here I was on the inside.

Marks of a Christian

by William O'Brien 07-01-2005
Many people of faith sense that these are trying times.

Many people of faith sense that these are trying times. But some are recklessly hopeful enough to believe that GodÂ’s Spirit may be breaking in on our society in ways both new and ancient.

Human Resiliency

by William O'Brien 07-01-2001

One of the most urgent issues for faith communities during the 1980s was the contra war in Nicaragua.

Dare to Preach This Gospel

by William O'Brien 01-01-2000
Mark's gospel offers an antidote to domesticated, superficial Christianity.

The Risk of Democracy

by William O'Brien 03-01-1996

The democratic tradition at its best has always had those who act on conscience in such ways that knowingly defy the immediacy of legal regulation.