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Building Supplies

  • What can you do about youth violence? Wilda K.W. Morris’ Stop the Violence! Educating Ourselves to Protect Our Youth challenges readers to explore the issues that surround youth violence. Available from Judson Press for $15.
    • Are you allergic to church? Do you like to talk about God but wouldn’t be caught dead in the "spirituality" section of a bookstore? Check out the online religion magazine Killing the Buddha at It is for the great unchurched who want to be religious, or at least talk about what religion is not and what it might be.
    • The Ministry of Money helps Christians deal responsibly with wealth (or the lack thereof). Their new Money & Faith Study Circle Handbook ($10) is arranged for small groups and includes guidelines for writing a money autobiography and for creating a values and spending comparison sheet, plus scripture studies, articles, and additional resources. (301) 428-9560;
    • For alternative news by and for socially conscious youth, check out WireTap, an online magazine featuring investigative articles, essays, opinions, artwork, and activist resources to foster creativity and give young people a voice in the media. WireTap also provides a Youth Media Network that lists a wide range of media outlets run by youth.

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    Sojourners Magazine July-August 2001
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