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Moral History

by Chris Byrd 11-01-2001

Birminghamians live with their history more than most Americans, and Birmingham's story is linked to the nation's history more than most cities.

Capital Ambiguities

by Chris Byrd 07-01-2001
It's easy to defend the death penalty in the abstract, but much more difficult when you have to participate in death.

How Rebellious Was Jesus?

by Chris Byrd 09-01-2000
Seeing the gospel in new ways.

Who's In Charge Here?

by Chris Byrd 07-01-2000
Jim Hightower skewers 'corporatocracy.'

Staring into Jaws and Jails

by Chris Byrd 01-01-1998
The child martyrs of the civil rights movement.

An Antidote for Burnout

by Chris Byrd 01-01-1996
Following the paths of justice, love, and reverence.

The State Takes a Life

by Chris Byrd 01-01-1994
Capital punishment and the human face.