July 2017

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Are we seeking the "welfare of the city," or just our own?


Despite challenges, faith-based groups continue the work of refugee resettlement in the U.S.
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The blockade of Gaza has created a humanitarian crisis, and hopelessness. But the outside world has the power to offer a lifeline. 
The world hurts everywhere, including in our social media feeds. 


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Diplomatic options with North Korea are limited—but the alternatives are unthinkable. 
A Mennonite church joins the santuary movement—again—in the face of Trump's actions against immigrants. 

Culture Watch

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'Come From Away,' written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein; directed by Christopher Ashley. 
Katie Booth/Women in the World
She survived an attack with acid. Her revenge? Working against gender violence. 
Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom, by Thomas E. Ricks. Penguin Press. 
Nearly sixty years before Ferguson, a mother took a sacred stand against white terrorism.
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Jessi Colter and Lenny Kaye make a Spirit-driven musical odd couple. 
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Four July cultural recommendations from our editors. 
A screening of 'The Color Purple' became a small act of resistance.


Mayfield’s article is a challenge to Christians making new church homes in urban areas.
Letters to the editor from Sojourners readers 
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle A 


How do we face being precariously power-adjacent?
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The 'cohesive sentiment' of civil religion cannot create cooperation in a diverse nation. 
Under Trump, the dangers to civil liberty and fair elections should not be underestimated.
It is not a far step from the tyranny of money to the tyranny of despots.