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Sojourners Magazine: July 1994

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Ushers of the next generation in the church.


What came up, and what didn't, in the elections.


When Ralph Ellison died this spring, he was primarily remembered and honored as the African-American writer who in 1952 had gifted the nation and the world with that magnificent novel, Invisib
The day after Richard Nixon’s funeral, The New York Times editorialized that the White House-sponsored occasion was a "rite of reconciliation" that brought "to a fitting end his 20-y
Inauguration day in South Africa had special significance for Dr. Beyers Naudé, and not just because the new South Africa was born as he celebrated his 79th birthday.
A welfare mother is a black woman, with several children, who spends her entire life on welfare, having another kid whenever she needs more money—at least according to prevalent stereotypes


The miraculous events in South Africa made hope possible for me again. I was there for the transformation—the inauguration of a new South Africa—and will never be the same.
Highway food can be fun for a while—eating forbidden french fries at a fast food joint or sipping iced tea in the cool muffledness of a restaurant.
Actually, it was more like "The Day the White People Came" when Bill Clinton and his entourage of young Caucasians descended on our inner-city neighborhood.
I will never forget those faces. Wide-eyed. Frightened.
John Dear, S.J., Philip Berrigan, Lynn Fredriksson, and Bruce Friedrich are currently being held in the Chowan County Jail in Edenton, North Carolina, for their Pax Christi-Spirit of Life Plo
"Welcome to the 40s," a friend said to me on my birthday, "the old age of youth and the youth of old age."

Culture Watch

Finding God in the stages of our life.
Bonnie Raitt's new release is personal and political
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The hottest subject in the religious book market these days is angels (though "souls" are quickly closing in). Angels are so hot that secular talk show hosts are taking note of the phenomenon.
Wim Wender's film view of angels in our midst
The Catholic Worker movement's many voices


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Tijuana. Nogales. Matamoros. Ciudad Juárez. Nuevo Laredo. What comes to mind when you hear these names of U.S.-Mexico border towns?
You might say that this is our summer travel issue--depending on how strictly you define geography. There are no descriptions of pristine beaches or cheap hiking getaways.
Every successful community relies on the member who is its heart. This is true for communities that live together and for those that live apart but gather regularly.
My dearest aunt, Butheyna, is chopping beets, chopping the shamander. Klush, klush she wields a gutting knife, the chopping board is a plank from a dhow. Klush,
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We trace the Story—our story—from its beginnings in the Hebrew scriptures, through its climax in the memories of the early church as reflected in the gospels, and then on to what sense
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