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Fulfilling the Time

by Verna J. Dozier 11-01-1994

God is working God’s purpose out/As year succeeds to year...

Turned Upside-Down

by Verna J. Dozier 09-01-1994

In September the ordered world of Proverbs and James is read against the cross of Mark’s world.

Living Bread

by Verna J. Dozier 08-01-1994
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary

In the language of "left brain, right brain" constructs, the scriptures for the weeks of August call upon our right-brain gifts. We leave the world of what we can see and touch and document and enter a world of imagination and creativity, a world of poetry and emotion.

We pass from the last vestiges of the wilderness and the prophet of the wilderness, Samuel, to the courtly chronicler and the beginning of the record of the Kings. We had begun such a transition last month with the movement from the swift action and immediacy of Mark to the leisurely contemplation of the meaning of it all in John.

There is a world of human experiences in the scriptures and many ways in which those experiences are shared. Let us be open to them all. This is our Story. These are our spiritual ancestors who are speaking to us. What can we hear from the Hebrew record, from the gospel, from the epistle that will speak to us today so that we can, in our own voice, pass the Story on?

Where Will God Dwell?

by Verna J. Dozier 07-01-1994

We trace the Story—our story—from its beginnings in the Hebrew scriptures, through its climax in the memories of the early church as reflected in the gospels, and then on to what sense

Seeking the New Vision

by Verna J. Dozier 06-01-1994

The scriptures for our meditations come from first and second Samuel, the Psalms, the gospel according to Mark, and Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians.

Singing the Song of Angels

by Verna J. Dozier 12-01-1993

Howard Thurman's enduring influence