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Faithful to the Word

The Writings of William Stringfellow

Imposters of God

by William Stringfellow 08-01-1986

An Expose of Idolatry


by William Stringfellow 04-01-1986

Pursuit by the Power of Death

An Assault Upon Conscience

by William Stringfellow 10-01-1984

Violence in the technocratic society.

The Joy of Mourning

by William Stringfellow 04-01-1982

On grief and the meaning of resurrection.

Abandonment and Hope

by William Stringfellow 03-01-1982

Thoughts on the church and Psalm 22

Exemplary Disbelief

by William Stringfellow 03-01-1980

A meditation on Holy Week

Kindred Mind and Brother

by William Stringfellow 06-01-1977

It is difficult for me to comment upon the work of Jacques Ellul and its significance for Americans because of a sense I have that any remarks of mine about Ellul will be superfluous, if not self-serving.

Technocracy and the Human Witness

by William Stringfellow 11-01-1976
The Power Principle Engorging our Consciousness

Unlikeable Gospel

by William Stringfellow 05-01-1976

A most obstinate misconception associated with the gospel of Jesus Christ is that the gospel is welcome in this world.

The Circus and the Eschatological Realm

by William Stringfellow 04-01-1976

It is only since putting aside childish things that it has come to mind so forcefully -- and so gladly -- that the circus is among the few coherent images of the eschatological realm to which people still have access and that the circus thereby affords elementary insight into the idea of society as a consummate event.

Innocuous Jesus?

by William Stringfellow 03-01-1976
The notion of a gentle, innocuous Jesus contradicts the notorious and turbulent events of Holy Week.

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The notion of a gentle, innocuous Jesus contradicts the notorious and turbulent events of Holy Week.

The Vanity of Episcopal Paternalism

by William Stringfellow 02-01-1976

 As I comprehend the gospel, when it is said of Wendt that he is a scapegoat, his faithfulness is being affirmed.

Do We Need a New Barmen Declaration?

by William Stringfellow 04-01-1974

The consideration of a question such as this--do we need a new Barmen Declaration? or do Americans now need a Barmen Declaration?--at once discloses how history is comprehended.