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Sojourners Magazine: January 2008

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Cover Story

Christian support for the Iraq war raises the critical question: To whom do we belong?


An interview with liberation theologian Jon Sobrino.
How to live as if another world were already here.
Over the past two years, educators Linda and Scot DeGraf have been building a one-room cottage made of natural, recycled, and local materials.


How God's Word empowers us to fight racism.
Don't buy the corporate agrofuel greenwash.
Burma's resistance is not over.


"The Church is the conscience of the state."
During Lent, we think about the saints who listened in the night.
Our private contractors have sacrificed enough in Iraq.
Mary and Elizabeth teach hope in bitter times.

Culture Watch

Reflecting Theologically on AIDS: A Global Challenge
What happens when young playwrights set their live to paper?
The Trumpet Child, by Over the Rhine.
We now have almost three decades of experience with the idea that markets will solve our problems.
The Carolina Chocolate Drops keep an America tradition alive.


About 250 day laborers rallied in front of the town hall in Herndon, Virginia, to demand that the Herndon Official Workers Center remain open.
William Cavanaugh’s article (“Just Trust the President?” July 2007) points out that many of the George Weigels of the Far Right want to have it both ways.
In response to a police crackdown on people living on the streets, First Presbyterian Church in downtown Dallas opened its parking lot as a safe space for homeless people to sleep—even provid
More than 150 leading African-American clergy, scho­lars, government officials, and health experts joined in October with the National Black Leadership Commis­sion on AIDS to respond to HIV
In the Northern Hemisphere, the short days and long nights of winter come with lectionary readings full of references to dark and light.
“Think cosmically and act personally,” urged Dr. Elizabeth Theokritoff in September to the St.
The November 2007 magazine is the best yet, especially “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” (by Brian McLaren).
The bough we clasped while climbing towards phantasmal blue has broken— we lie on concrete, begging with a shattered golden bowl.
The Community of Sant´Egidio, a Catholic lay group, is encouraging a glass of good wine with supper.
I appreciate Sojourners’ attention to U.S. immigration policy (“The New Sanctuary Movement,” September-October 2007).
“God Behind Bars,” by Nancy Hastings Sehested, September-Octo­ber 2007) was a very good article.
Data reviewed by the Congres­sional Committee on Oversight and Government Reform weighed the financial pros and cons of relying on private contractors or paramilitaries, such as Blackwater USA,