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Deadly 'Defense'

by Larry Boudreau 09-01-2012

Regarding Jim Rice’s column “Fairness for Whom?” (June 2012): One of Martin Luther King Jr.’s prophecies fits the effects of today’s right-wing political agenda with uncanny accuracy: “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.”               

Larry Boudreau
San Antonio, Texas

Divine Decree?

by Larry Boudreau 01-01-2008

William Cavanaugh’s article (“Just Trust the President?” July 2007) points out that many of the George Weigels of the Far Right want to have it both ways.

Mixed Messages

by Larry Boudreau 07-01-2006

David Cortright’s commentary “Denuking Iran” (April 2006) is right on the ball.

Are the Christians Coming?

by Larry Boudreau 11-01-2000

RYAN BEILER'S Commentary "It's A Start" (July-August 2000) identified the members of the human family that were responsible for the IMF/World Bank protest in Seattle and D.C.

Manifesto Not Junk

by Larry Boudreau 01-01-1999

DANNY DUNCAN COLLUM'S article "Diagnosis Determines Cure", as a critique of The Communist Manifesto, offered some fine insights into that 19th-century publication.

The Case for Liberation Theology

by Larry Boudreau 01-01-1998

EDDIE SOTO’S LETTER ("Letters," November-December 1997), commenting on "Turning the World Upside Down" by Aaron Gallegos, surfaces an issue that is quite relevant to the discussion about the role of liberation theology in the practice of our faith today.