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Divine Decree?

William Cavanaugh’s article (“Just Trust the President?” July 2007) points out that many of the George Weigels of the Far Right want to have it both ways. They claim they are defending our nation’s integrity as a democracy while at the same time claiming the power of royalty for their leaders.

The divine right of the king to be obeyed blindly, which is what Weigel is claiming for George W. Bush, was supposed to have been erased from the powers of our elected officials when we became a nation whose highest authority was the will of the people. Elected officials were to discern the will of the people, using the best evidence possible to obtain the truth before acting. To claim such a right, post factum, is the last line of defense for an authoritarian policy that has already proven to be a disaster for the cause of truth and justice.

Larry Boudreau
San Antonio, Texas

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Sojourners Magazine January 2008
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