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Unorthodox Orthodoxy

by Steve Thorngate 08-01-2008
Book review: From Stone to Living Word: Letting the Bible Live Again, by Debbie Blue.

A Reverence for Song

by Steve Thorngate 01-01-2008
The Trumpet Child, by Over the Rhine.

The "E" Word

by Steve Thorngate 04-01-2007

There are few words thornier than "evangelical." It's a broad category that includes fundamentalists; it's also a reaction against fundamentalism.

'Woman in the Room'

by Steve Thorngate 01-01-2007

I don’t usually expect too much from blues-rock music.

False Stewardship

by Steve Thorngate 08-01-2006
Dobson's is a fringe position gussied up in mainstream garb.

Songs of Quiet Hope

by Steve Thorngate 08-01-2006

This day is filling up my room,
Is coming through my door.
Oh, I have not seen this day before.

A God of Words?

by Steve Thorngate 07-01-2006

I was visiting a church at which pentecostal practices were gaining traction, bringing no small controversy with them.

Milk, With A Twist

by Steve Thorngate 06-01-2006

Hagar Soya, a soy milk company in Cambodia run by Christian development agency Hagar, recently started offering two fortified soya milk drinks for retail purchase.

Food for Thought

by Steve Thorngate 05-01-2006
At St. Olaf, students learn to reap what they sow.

A 'Relevant' Conspiracy

by Steve Thorngate 04-01-2006

A few years ago, the “postmodern memoir” or “autobiographic novel” was all the rage among critics anxious to define new literary genres.