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Milk, With A Twist

Hagar Soya, a soy milk company in Cambodia run by Christian development agency Hagar, recently started offering two fortified soya milk drinks for retail purchase. The beverages are designed to combat micronutrient deficiency. So!Soya Gold, for adults, is a vitamin-packed alternative to soft drinks, while So!Soya Kids includes significant amounts of 11 micronutrients crucial for child development. Hagar Soya both sells So!Soya Kids and donates it for use in rural schools.

Soya milk is popular in Cambodia, where the Hagar factory is the first to produce it with ultra-high temperature equipment and aseptic packaging—enabling a long shelf life without refrigeration. The project provides jobs for local graduates of prevention and rehabilitation programs run by Hagar, which works with women and children in crisis. “Our business exists to help women recovering from extremely difficult circumstances,” Hagar CEO Talmage Payne told Sojourners, but it is also “a commercially viable beverage company” developing products that promote nutrition and “add value to the Cambodian agricultural sector” via sustainable business practices.

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Sojourners Magazine June 2006
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