January 1994


The U.S. Holocaust memorial Museum calls visitors to become witnesses.
Pop imperialism moves to a global beat
An interview with children's artist, philosopher, and tap-dancer Tomie dePaola


Earlier this year I was present at a series of U.N.-sponsored national reconciliation conferences addressing the Somali conflict.
After carefully reading the pope's latest encyclical, venerable German theologian Bernard Haring said he "looked forward hopefully to leaving the church on Earth for the church in heaven."
The recent launching of MTV's Latin American network, MTV Latino, marks a new era in communications characterized by the concentration of control over the world's media outlets into the hands
Still reeling from the U.S.-backed contra war, Nicaragua's road to recovery is a rocky one.
I have to admit, it's nice to wake up in the morning without half expecting the White House to launch another intervention in a Third World country or proudly announce another cut in a domestic social program that will make people in my neighborhood even poorer.


Well, that's some magazine so far, eh? Malevolent global corporations, the bleakness of Nicaragua, and the Holocaust. What is this, National Public Radio? I've seen more laughs in a jar of mustard.
by: Ed Spivey
MY 1994 NEW YEAR'S resolution - to break loose from serious menu ruts by planning further ahead - has already led to more time at a favorite activity: paging through cookbooks.
A full moon. A plunge in temperature. Transylvania County, North Carolina. Conditions were just right for Halloween...
The widespread popular discontent that so defined the 1992 election campaign continued unabated into the first year of the new president's term. It would not have mattered who won.

Culture Watch

Warrior Marks, the recently released Alice Walker-Pratibha Parmar collaboration, continues the exploration of female genital mutilation begun in Walker's Possessing the Secret of Joy.
As this is written, The Great Depression - produced by Henry Hampton's Blackside Inc., the team behind the epochal Eyes on the Prize series - has just started its four-week run
Alice Walker's Joy is truth-telling
Battles over culture will, for the near future, become increasingly central to political debate in this country.
Ernest Gaines' age of heroes.
Capital punishment and the human face.
Carlos Santana weaves a musician's tale.


The U.S. government took hundreds of thousands of square miles from native people. In a recent ceremony in Alaska, the church gave a small portion of that land back.
The Mennonite Central Committee is launching a project to rid northern Laos of unexploded bombs dropped by U.S. planes during the Vietnam war.
Sojournerswww.sojourners.com is now www.sojo.net
This season begins and ends in light.
I FIND SOJOURNERS a nuisance to read. I'm retired now, but I made my living in the publishing field for many years.
I AM ENCOURAGED by your effort to look at the world in a different way. You express in your words and action a desire to be guided by the Spirit.
The old one sits with limp hands, closed eyes. She is gone, out there singing softly And making love to God.
SOJOURNERS GIVES two examples of "radically different" interpretations of the Constitution ("A Matter of Justice," by Julie Polter, November 1993).
AS A UNITED METHODIST, I was excited to see the excerpts of a pastoral letter from the United Methodist bishops of Appalachia (June 1993).
Money Matters How do Christians respond to consumerism, the global economy, housing issues, and food crises?
When community is disrupted
While many denominations across the globe have opened the door to the ordination of women, none have taken as resolute an action for equality as the Lutheran bishops of Sweden.
Members of "Simple Living" start their activism at home.
ONE OF THE IMPORTANT things to remember in any inclusive language discussion regarding God is that it's not only a theological issue, but a language - a human tool.
For some religious leaders, spending hundreds of dollars for Christmas gifts - ostensibly to honor the birth of one who had "no place to lay his head" - is not merely ironic, it's sinful.