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Resources for Renewal and Change

Money Matters

How do Christians respond to consumerism, the global economy, housing issues, and food crises? You don't need to be an economist to understand these issues or challenge accepted world views. These are a few of many resources and organizations dedicated to an alternative view of economics.

Friendship Press has published a "workbook for beginners," Global Economics: Seeking a Christian Ethic, by Rev. Ian McCrae. Covering basic economic concepts and the interdependence of different systems, the book explains not only crises but also signs of hope, as well as exploring the guidance the Bible offers. The workbook, available for $7.95, is part of a series of resources that addresses global economics.

A Matter of Interest ($19.95), a 13-minute animated video, explains why, despite a dramatic increase in the world's money supply, the international debt continues to pile up. Caribbean Money-Go-Round ($19.95), a simulation game for youth and adults, teaches global economics through Caribbean realities. Players must make choices to overcome difficulties in Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Dominica; and every decision has its price.

Friendship Press is a part of the National Council of Churches of Christ. These and many other economic resources are available from the Friendship Press Distribution Office, P.O. Box 37844, Cincinnati, OH 45222-0844; or by calling (513) 948-8733. Add 10 percent for shipping ($2 minimum).

What would a just free trade agreement look like? Contributors from Mexico, Canada, and the United States offer a critique of and alternatives to the North American Free Trade Agreement in Trading Freedom: How Free Trade Affects Our Lives, Work, and Environment. Published in 1992 by Food First, the book outlines the dimensions of an ecologically sustainable alternative vision for

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