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Cute 'N' Cluttered

I FIND SOJOURNERS a nuisance to read. I'm retired now, but I made my living in the publishing field for many years. Your layouts are so "cute," for want of a better word, that they turn me off.

I don't know why it is these days that the graphics people whose job it is to design magazine formats think they have to trick up the pages in order to get reader attention. They use too much of what we used to call surprinting and reverse type (maybe those terms are still applicable). They inject columns, often unrelated to the main article on the page, toss in a crazy mixture of type faces for heads, subheads, sub-subheads, etc., with a resultant clutter I can't be bothered sorting out. Sojourners is not the only guilty publication in this regard.

June G. Vajda

Columbia, Pennsylvania

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Sojourners Magazine January 1994
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