Inside Story

The Editors 09-01-1999

Some things come through planning. We planned to excerpt Ron Sider's forthcoming book Just Generosity, and for Jim Wallis to interview Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson.

The Editors 07-01-1999
Technology, of course, is a mixed blessing. But especially for those working in difficult and far-flung situations, e-mail can be vital for much more than relaying the latest office humor.
The Editors 05-01-1999
Our lead CultureWatch piece is a profile of writer Anne Lamott, who some would consider, at least on sight, to be an unlikely evangelist.
The Editors 03-01-1999
Hurricane Mitch already spurred us to publish one commentary ("A Mature Compassion," by Marvin Rees, January-February 1999).
The Editors 01-01-1999
Nuclear abolition on the cover of Sojourners? Isn't that awfully retro, a flashback to the same-old same-old? A high-ranking military officer in full uniform on the cover of Sojourners?
The Editors 11-01-1998
The terrorist bombings of the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the subsequent U.S.
The Editors 09-01-1998
A basic principle of organizing is that a group of people with a common purpose can accomplish more than a single individual.
The Editors 07-01-1998
This issue has the final "Signs & Wonders" column from contributing editor Joyce Hollyday.
The Editors 05-01-1998
WE SEEK OUT most of our articles-solicit them from authors or write them ourselves. Once in a while an article is sent in that fits both our plans and our limited space.
The Editors 03-01-1998
Some say chaos brings creativity.
The Editors 01-01-1998
Several people from Sojourners attended the October 1997 Promise Keepers' "Stand in the Gap" gathering here in Washington, D.C.
The Editors 11-09-1997

During the early '70s, some of the people involved with the founding of Sojourners Community and magazine went on a road trip from Chicago  to Washington, D.C.

The Editors 09-01-1997

Once we had gone beyond Left and Right, liberal and conservative, East and West, nothing remained but to go beyond the false categories of taste and decency. 

The Editors 07-01-1997
Miriam Therese Winter is a Catholic sister teaching in a Protestant seminary.
The Editors 05-01-1997
Sometimes (well, occasionally) the words and image that we put on our cover come together quickly, seemingly with little effort on our part.
The Editors 03-01-1997
Following President Clinton's signing of the federal "welfare reform" legislation last August, three top administration officials resigned in protest.
The Editors 01-01-1997

Our cover story is a tribute to Jean Sindab, a tireless worker for peace and justice and a joy-filled and fun-loving woman who died a year ago this month of cancer.

The Editors 11-01-1996
When a beloved person dies abruptly, first the bad news flies, short and rending.
The Editors 11-01-1996

When a beloved person dies abruptly, first the bad news flies, short and rending.

The Editors 09-01-1996
In what is surely a first for Sojourners, this issue prominently features the words and thoughts of not just one, but two U.S.