Inside Story

The Editors 12-01-2011

Even while Occupy Wall Street and the worldwide movement it has helped ignite captured the public’s attention this fall, some observers claimed not to understand what the protests were all about.

The Editors 09-01-2011

Loving our neighbors is usually easier in the abstract. The members of Heartsong Church, just outside of Memphis, Tennessee, made that love very real last year in a concrete act of welcome. An Islamic faith community was moving in nearby, and their new center wasn’t going to be ready in time for Ramadan. So the members of Heartsong, in a simple act of Christian hospitality, invited their neighbors to use the church building during the Muslim holy month.

The Editors 08-01-2011

Mohandas Gandhi was keenly aware of the root causes of hunger, and he knew that the problem was not a lack of resources on God’s good earth.

The Editors 07-01-2011

Using online and wireless communication to organize large, diverse groups of people has been a key component of the nonviolent Arab Spring uprisings.

The Editors 06-03-2011

Every gun that is made is, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed.

The Editors 12-01-2008

The economic crisis presents particular challenges and questions for people of faith: What is the appropriate Christian response?

The Editors 11-01-2008

God is always on the side of the marginalized, the people who are the weakest and poorest.

The Editors 09-01-2008

You may recall that the cover of our August issue featured Elizabeth Edwards, spouse of John Edwards, one of the subjects of this month’s cover.

The Editors 08-01-2008

With the party conventions approaching, the presidential campaign officially heads toward the homestretch, and many of us are evaluating the proposals that the candidates and their parties believe

The Editors 07-01-2008

News and images of the world food crisis have been hard to bear these last few months—skyrocketing food prices have provoked desperate rioting in many countries, including Haiti, Kenya, Mexic

The Editors 06-01-2008

We're fortunate at Sojourners in that we receive regular infusions of energy and enthusiasm from the many interns who contribute to our work.

The Editors 05-01-2008

When we sat down to plan this special issue on faith and money, the tune buzzing in the back of our heads was from that catchy Sunday school song, "This Little Light of Mine"-specifically the line,

The Editors 04-01-2008

It's easy-and human-to apply labels according to our assumptions. But we know that categorizing anything, especially whole groups of people, is risky business.

The Editors 03-01-2008

While the ongoing U.S.

The Editors 09-01-2007

Thousands of immigrants and their supporters have attended rallies throughout the United States in the past year, calling attention to the broken system in which many undocumented immigrants langui

The Editors 08-01-2007

"You have a glowing future." That nice sentiment becomes a little ominous when you think of it in terms of nuclear technology.

The Editors 07-01-2007

Say "suburbs" and most people picture sprawling neighborhoods of identical homes filled with upwardly mobile status-seekers.

The Editors 06-01-2007

In mid-March, our staffers were busily putting the final touches on plans for the Christian Peace Witness, an event organized by 39 Christian organizations (including Sojourners/Call to Renewal) to

The Editors 05-01-2007

When we think of trade, most of us consider it the fiefdom of governments and multinational corporations -it seems a horribly complicated topic that's impossible to understand, let alone do anythin

The Editors 04-01-2007
When it comes to figuring out the appropriate role of the government in addressing our most pressing social ills, opinions among people of faith cross the spectrum: Some say government should play a c