Inside Story

The Editors 5-01-2007

When we think of trade, most of us consider it the fiefdom of governments and multinational corporations -it seems a horribly complicated topic that's impossible to understand, let alone do anythin

The Editors 4-01-2007
When it comes to figuring out the appropriate role of the government in addressing our most pressing social ills, opinions among people of faith cross the spectrum: Some say government should play a c
The Editors 3-01-2007

The problem of modern slavery is staggering.

The Editors 2-01-2007

Why is it that so many jobs in America don't pay the bills?

The Editors 1-01-2007

As of this writing, we're fresh off the midterm elections and glad to see the end of divisive campaigning for a while (though we're not naive enough to think the shouting is all over).

The Editors 12-01-2006

While Advent is the particular season of the church year in which we anticipate the coming of Jesus, the word can also mean "a coming into being," an opportunity for old ways of thinking and being

The Editors 11-01-2006

The fall months tend to be busy-no doubt you can relate-and the pace around  our office has been brisk.

The Editors 9-01-2006

What makes a Christian college Christian? Fear of the Lord. Prudence. Righteousness. Justice.

The Editors 8-01-2006

This summer's tango between the Bush administration and Iran over the Iranian nuclear program provided an object lesson in how not to do diplomacy.

The Editors 7-01-2006

As with most of our articles, the words in this issue developed out of relationships - connections that are decades-long as well as some more recently established.

The Editors 6-01-2006

Is there such a thing as the "Catholic vote"? Commonweal writer Maurice Timothy Reidy and Washington Post columnist E.J.

The Editors 5-01-2006

Our move to a new building last fall brought us many gifts: a more efficient space, working heat and air conditioning (most of the time)--and a giant sparkling supermarket one floor below.

The Editors 4-01-2006

'I was a stranger and you welcomed me.' Jesus' words in Matthew are disarmingly simple, yet they encapsulate a core tenet of Christianity: radical inclusion.

The Editors 3-01-2006

Many of us attend worship communities that struggle to hit the right note between traditional hymn-and-organ music and the praise choruses of a (usually loud and) youthful rock band.

The Editors 2-01-2006

With all the bad news of late, it's heartening to read some hopeful news, especially about poverty. Stephen C.

The Editors 1-01-2006

Parents often feel like theyre swimming upstream when it comes to raising their kids and protecting their family life.

The Editors 12-01-2005
For many of us, Nelson Good the subject of our incarnation focus in this issue was a fellow parishioner and community member, an indefatigable scheduler of retreats at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in
The Editors 11-01-2005

The t's were crossed and i's dotted for this issue with our special focus on books and music when Hurricane Katrina roared into the Gulf Coast stringing houses, cars, and boats together like so ma

The Editors 9-01-2005

After more than a dozen years at the corner of Chapin and 15th Streets NW, Sojourners is moving to another location in Washington, D.C.

The Editors 6-01-2005

When it comes to faith, politics, and culture (three of our favorite topics here at Sojourners), the public discussion too often seems to shrink down big ideas and complex life to simple, narrow