Inside Story

The Editors 5-01-2003

By the time you read this, the snow in Washington, D.C., will have melted, we think.

The Editors 3-01-2003
Catholic peace activist Philip Berrigan died in December, only a few months after he was diagnosed with cancer.
The Editors 1-01-2003

We began work on this issue in autumn, an especially strange and fearful autumn around our Washington, D.C. home.

The Editors 11-01-2002

Saddam Hussein with nuclear weapons would be a real threat.

The Editors 9-01-2002

'Nonviolent resistance isn't about making a point, it's about taking power." Even many people who believe deeply in nonviolence might be taken aback by the bluntness of such a statement.

The Editors 7-01-2002

We are an ecumenical publication (with nearly as many denominational and nondenominational affiliations floating around as we have staff people).

The Editors 5-01-2002

It might seem that "globalization" didn't exist before the widely publicized protests in Seattle during the November 1999 WTO meetings.

The Editors 3-01-2002

At times we've discussed running articles on "pastoring in boom and bust"

The Editors 1-01-2002

The times are strange and uncertain. So we are responding the same way we would at any other time: By searching our souls, with the assistance of Kathleen Norris and Richard Rohr, OFM.

The Editors 11-01-2001

Like the rest of America, we were dazed and shattered by the events of Tuesday morning, Sept. 11.

The Editors 9-01-2001
This issue of Sojourners marks our 30th anniversary (yes, Sojourners is older than some of our staff-it's even older than some of the leftovers in our office refrigerator).
The Editors 7-01-2001

Sojourners board meetings are important to those of us on staff for a number of reasons.

The Editors 5-01-2001

Winter brought far-flung trips for Sojourners staffers. Rose Marie Berger traveled to Colombia with Witness for Peace to learn about the front lines of the drug war there.

The Editors 3-01-2001

The best art bears truth-personal, communal, or both.

The Editors 1-01-2001

We've "renovated" [our print version] and you're invited to check out every nook and cranny. We are excited about the colorful new presentation, fresh layout, and debut offerings.

The Editors 11-01-2000

Full disclosure must be made: Cheryl and Ralph Broetje once sent us a box of apples after a visit to our office.

The Editors 9-01-2000
The Internet has made hate groups highly visible, completely anonymous, and available to a potentially limitless audience.
The Editors 7-01-2000
Millions of people died in the slave trade. African AIDS deaths will soon exceed those horrendous numbers. The future of the continent isn't all that's at stake.
The Editors 5-01-2000

A rag-tag movement of churches, development organizations, and trade unions...

The Editors 3-01-2000
In the new millennium, faith will be known by action. We need to break through the individualistic and privatized approach to spirituality and reconnect with real community.