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Inside Story

By the time you read this, the snow in Washington, D.C., will have melted, we think. (To all northern readers: Yes, we are wimpy down here.) Our editorial intern, Elizabeth Palmberg, had multiple opportunities to instigate staff sledding parties in the park across the street. Stepping out on hope, she brought two sledding inner tubes with her to normally snow-scant D.C. Her hope was amply rewarded, and interns will never be allowed to bring snow gear again.

The snow occasionally slowed, but did not stop the work and travel of Sojourners. Web editor Ryan Beiler joined a Mennonite Central Committee delegation to Colombia. A photo essay from his trip is featured in this issue. Jim Wallis went to London with a delegation of religious leaders who met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair in an effort to prevent war with Iraq. Intern Nathan Johnston didn't go far geographically, but created a packet of Web-based campus teach-in materials on Iraq and alternatives to war. A team made up of publisher/ managing director Karen Lattea Kline, associate editor Rose Marie Berger, and interns Kate Bowman and Rachel Medema wrapped up work on a roundtable on faith, arts, and activism held in early March. Too many other projects and coworkers to name here also kept the building hopping.

We trust that the warmth of springtime and the resurrection power of Easter, along with your prayers and support, will help us keep up the pace!

-The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine May-June 2003
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