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We're fortunate at Sojourners in that we receive regular infusions of energy and enthusiasm from the many interns who contribute to our work. Most interns spend a year with us, so we have ample opportunity to observe their gifts, talents, and quirks, and the ways they-like all of us-figure out what it means to follow Jesus. While a few of our interns are on the north side of 40 (though certainly youthful in their outlook), the majority are one or two years out of college and come ready to make their mark.

Reading their applications every spring is exhilarating and humbling-exhilarating because we get a clear sense of the Holy Spirit at work in the world, and humbling because of their faith and commitment. These twenty- and thirty-somethings have started social justice programs at their campuses, volunteered with development programs in Zambia, worked as youth pastors in their hometown churches, and organized anti-poverty drives in their communities. Their experiences can cause the older among us to wonder what we've done with our lives.

In "Finding My Religion," Amy Green-whose byline has appeared in both Newsweek and People magazine-surveys this generation of Christians, many of whom are finding new ways to live out their faith. Then flip to "Redefining Holy" and check out our profiles of 10 next-gen leaders. Assistant editor Elizabeth Palmberg tracked down these big-hearted activists to find out what encourages and drives them, and what gives them hope. We think in reading about them, you'll experience a little more hope yourself.
-The Editors

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Sojourners Magazine June 2008
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