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SOME THINGS come through planning. We planned to excerpt Ron Sider's forthcoming book Just Generosity, and for Jim Wallis to interview Harvard sociologist William Julius Wilson. Other things just show up, not planned on at all, such as both Ched Myers and Richard Parker sending us transcripts of talks they had presented. When plans and providence conspire, it's time to pay attention. This is how we found ourselves with a package of articles on the dirty nonsecret of our prosperous times, the increasing social and economic inequality in both the United States and the world as a whole. We feel they will give you (as they did us) both inspiration and practical help in analyzing the current state of things and seeking positive change with a biblical undergirding. This issue's cover photo on campus activism is a reminder that self-employed photographers rarely go completely off-duty. Washington, D.C.-based photographer Rick Reinhard took this photo while attending his daughter Rachel's graduation from Barnard College. Sojourners does not have a staff photographer, unless you count whoever is taking the action shots of the feverish croquet competition at the annual staff picnic. But it's a rare issue that doesn't include one or several shots from Rick. He started taking photos while in Honduras in the late '60s and has been a full-time working photographer for more than 25 years. We know we can always rely on him for capturing fresh, provocative images, from protests to people we're profiling.

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