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Our cover story is a tribute to Jean Sindab, a tireless worker for peace and justice and a joy-filled and fun-loving woman who died a year ago this month of cancer (see "For an Exemplary Comrade," by Jim Wallis, March-April 1996). Jean was not a celebrity. But like many "regular" people, she was simply extraordinary, changing lives both through her person and through her policy work and activism against apartheid, racism, urban violence, and destruction of the environment. Her legacy continues, around the world and in many lives. While staff writers Jim Rice and Julie Polter are most definitely not twins, they did write "twin" feature articles, one on the spirituality of play (Jim) and the other on the spirituality of work (Julie). While this seemed like a good idea at the time, co-workers who had to put up with twin deadline anxiety, twin complaints about writer's block, and twin running commentary on the Greek roots of Western cultural attitudes toward a) work or b) leisure have requested that twin assignments never be given again. Still, we're pleased with the results (but feel free to read the articles together or individually). Also in this issue is a special theme edition of "CultureWatch"-all of the reviews are written by former Sojourners interns. This collection of critique and comment from some of the fine people who have graced our lives (and answered our phones, among other work for the kingdom) proves that you can run to Texas, Iowa, or even another country, but you can't hide from a review editor with a clever idea.

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Sojourners Magazine January-February 1997
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