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Assistant editor Rose Marie Berger traveled to Bosnia and Kosovo in July as part of a pilgrimage led by Don McClanen, founder of an organization called Ministry of Money. This was Rose's second trip to Bosnia; the first was in 1996. In both of these journeys she encountered people who showed the many faces of Jesus: scarred, forgiving, grieving, hopeful, raging...loving beyond what would seem the limit of love. In countries so battered by violence and evil, sometimes even a glimpse of life can be as a miracle. In a Kosovar refugee camp outside of Sarajevo, a man asked Don to look for information about his brother, who was presumed dead in Kosovo. With names, dates, and last known locations written on a scrap of recycled newspaper with a pen that was running out of ink, Don and Rose went to the Red Cross in Pristina. They were able to determine that the brother was alive and in a Serbian prison that was being monitored by the Red Cross. The Red Cross sent tracking information to each brother. Rose says that making this connection was for her perhaps the most satisfying part of the trip. As this Advent season approaches, our hope is that the people that Rose and our other writers introduce you to in this issue will reveal something of Christ incarnate in the world.

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Sojourners Magazine November-December 1999
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